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By: Keola Homes  06-Dec-2011

A tropical paradise Well if you didn’t know, Fiji is a beautiful tropical paradise in the south pacific. A paradise. Truly. Population, diminishing from 1 million. Some political issues, but we won’t go into that. Two main islands, but in total 300 islands of all shapes and sizes with crystal clear waters and white sandy [..]

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For a tooth that has developed a cavity, the dentist has two options – drill, fill, and try to give it a new life. Well, I’m no dentist, but this equally applies to older houses – renovate or remove. The dreaded sound of a dentist’s drill.


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Perfect, that should still be under warranty, so what was the name of the roofing company. Um, um, just two or three years ago, I think” you mumble. You know that insurance people are trained to. So when was your roof completed, sir?. Sweat breaks out on your forehead.


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The operating room, clean white sheets, warm glow of bright lights, loads of weird metal devices, an anaesthetist, a nurse and an expensive surgeon. Imagine if you are booked for surgery to remove your appendix(a totally useless organ – if you must know).


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However, if you want to carry out certain activities that are either not permitted “as of right” in the district or regional plan or exceed the rules of the district or regional plan in some way, then you will need to obtain a Resource Consent.


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In addition to a Master Build Guarantee, we promise top-quality workmanship, attention to detail, quality control, regular updates on progress, flexibility and ample time for design decisions and a fixed time frame to completion. It can also be the most stressful part of the project if unplanned-for problems and risks start arising, stretching time and budgets to dangerous limits.