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By: Ken Holmes  06-Dec-2011

“Life has convinced me of the need for insurance. I know how much better it is if you get the right cover before anything happens to your health.”

Ken Holmes advises on three main types of health insurance policies:

  • Basic hospital only and related specialist care
  • Hospital only and related/unrelated specialist care
  • All hospital, GP and specialist care

ACC works, but private clinics will be much faster and efficient in handling your injuries. This is good protection against severe illnesses, and ensures that you have the best possible care during a very difficult time.

Ken can tell you if this is right for you, and to what extent it’s right.

Other products and services from Ken Holmes


Ken Holmes: Services: Life insurance

Having immediate financial concerns taken care of makes things easier for your beneficiaries as they deal with loss and rebuilding. Money won’t fix things if you lose a loved one, but not having it definitely makes it harder. They can repay creditors, pay off the mortgage and so on.


Ken Holmes: Services

It also includes a Cold Feet Exclusion in case your prospective new wife is too busy with your best man to make it to the church on time. The policy covers everything from rainouts to Uncle John break dancing down the aisle in his birthday suit. A US Insurance company will insure you against lots of things that can go wrong at a wedding.


Ken Holmes: Services: Trauma

If you begin to suffer from a serious health problem, the lump sum will allow you to ease the financial burden often associated with it. Trauma Protection can be taken out on its own, or in conjunction with a Life Protection Policy. Loss of capacity for independent living.


Ken Holmes: Services: Permanent disability

A one-off cash sum is paid out, providing you with financial stability, and allows you to keep paying your day-to-day living expenses. Permanent Disability Insurance covers you for financial losses incurred if you become irreparably disabled due to injury or illness. Some years ago I had a life threatening accident.


Ken Holmes: Services: Income protection

It’s about ensuring that you can continue living in comfort and without the financial strain associated with loss of income. Income Protection Insurance will protect you, and your family, should an injury or illness prevent you from working. Up to 75% of your income is paid out on a weekly basis, to help you pay bills and meet other financial commitments.


Ken Holmes: Services: Business

This involves Life or Serious Illness Protection to allow a surviving shareholder to purchase the ill or deceased shareholders' shares to enable them to continue running the business. Key Person Protection will give you protection for the loss of anyone who is crucial to your business. Similar to income protection except business overheads less your salary are covered.