Legal services for people charged with criminal offences

By: Karen Harding  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Legal Services, Criminal Lawyer, Drink Driving

As a Criminal Lawyer Karen Harding represents people who have been charged with criminal offences or have to appear in Court for drink driving or other traffic charges or have breached any other Laws, Regulations or Statutes.

Most people need the assistance of an experienced lawyer to help them through the Court process and to achieve the best outcome. It is not possible to achieve a good outcome without knowledge of the legal system and practices used in Court. Court is not a pleasant or friendly place and experience in that environment is essential.

Karen has practised law since 1997 and has represented clients in thousands of cases over a wide range of charges. She appears in all the District Courts in the greater Auckland area and the Auckland High Court representing clients in Trials, Defended Hearings, Appeals, Parole Board Hearings, Traffic Offences and breaches of a wide range of different Regulations.If you are reading this you need legal assistance now. To get things rolling call the office and arrange an appointment with Karen's personal assistant Barbara who can also give you some preliminary advice.

Our Clients

''nice people who need help''

Clients come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Many have transgressed a law for the first and only time in their life while others may have ongoing problems with the law often due to personal and family problems. We can assist anyone who needs help.

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