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By: Jkl Consulting  06-Dec-2011

Strategy & Planning

This is a very broad category as there are many types of strategy and planning that companies undertake. It is also dependent on who the audience is and this dictates the type of document to be created.

Whether you need a plan for internal use, to promote to channels, for the bank or investment purposes, I can work with your organisation to bring it to life. A plan will cover who you are, what you do, how you go to market, what your customer looks like, your value proposition, the value chain analyse and in a number of cases a financial model that shows what the RoI target is for a particular project.

There is no hard and fast rule apart from saying it needs to contain all the elements that the client needs to delivery the outcome.

Channel Development

Along with the work I undertake on behalf of The York Group, I have a background working with resellers from my corporate days. If you are considering developing a reseller program or your current resellers are unfocused and you are not getting the results you need. Then I am happy to discuss how you could improve their performance. There is a four point program I work on when considering channel development.

Government Grant Program Assistance

During the last 10 years I have been involved directly with the commercialisation programs, research and development grants, and a variety of other government assistance programs ranging from the music industry through to waste minimisation. In this time I have supported clients to obtain in excess of $29 million dollars in funding.

I have an extremely strong understand of these programs but more importantly I know how to translate what a company needs to do in real terms and integrate those into a format that meets funding program criteria

Advisory Services

I have been involved in a number of companies where I provided mentoring services to reset business strategy, work with business owners in a mentoring capacity through to being active board member and chair.

If you’re looking for a clear thinking individual with an objective and constructive view point then consider talking to me about these needs.

Additional Considerations

Just because it is not listed does not mean I cannot do it. For example I have worked on several capital raising projects and while this is not my primary focus, if it is part of doing business then I am prepared to assist my clients in whatever way I can.

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