JBA Quick Hitch Multi Coupler

By: Jb Attachments  06-Dec-2011


From the pioneers of quick-hitch technology comes the new generation quick-hitch JBA Multi-Coupler.  The JBA Multi-Coupler changes any attachment in seconds, connecting to all buckets in the same weight class. Its unique lightweight, low profile design greatly improves breakout force meaning greater production efficiency. Its patented positive mechanical locking system ensures safety with the elimination of human error and means less costly downtime.

The Lowdown

JB Attachments has harnessed leading edge technology and feedback from our clients to develop the new generation JBA Multi-Coupler, a standout product in today’s market.

JB Attachments has moved with the industry to improve performance, ensure safety and increase breakout power, thus conserving fuel consumption.

JB Attachments' revolutionary multi-coupler with its unique low profile, lightweight design provides greater production efficiency due to improved breakout force with the added benefit of more economical fuel consumption.

Lighter, faster and better breakout power, the new JBA Multi-Coupler ensures that you move your dirt more efficiently. 

The JBA Multi-Coupler has a unique patented positive mechanical locking system that removes the need for a driver to leave the cab to insert a manual pin – meaning less costly downtime and elimination of human error.   This world-first safety feature meets the new Australian Safety Standard: CL 2.1.4 / Draft Standard DR 06580.

The Coupler’s multi-pin centre-operating jaw gives it the capability to pick up all attachments from all other makes and models in the same weight range.

The Coupler is designed, manufactured and tested to withstand loads in excess of twice the specified capacity.  For example:
 12-14 tonne coupler front jaw has a safe working load of 27 tonne and is tested to 54 tonne.

The JBA Multi-Coupler is designed to be used with heavy-duty attachments including rockbreakers and concrete pulverisers.

  • Low Profile and Lightweight design improves breakout force and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Greater Versitility due to multi pick-up capability which adjusts to different pin centers.
  • Unique patented jaw locking system that does not require any form of stored energy.
  • Only two moving parts means less chance of mechanical failure and reduced maintenance.
  • Removal of manual safety pin means less downtime.
  • Unique patented jaw locking system that ensures the attachment is locked onto the coupler.
  • The unique three-step engaging and disengaging system compels operators to follow a strict locking and unlocking safety procedure.
  • Removal of manual safety pin improves operational safety.
  • The built-in positive mechanical safety system meets the new Australaian safety standard: CL 2.1.4 / Draft Standard DR 06580.

Making your life easier

The JBA Multi-Coupler is light-weight and low profile which improves productivity through improved breakout force and greater fuel efficiency.  The JBA Multi-Coupler boasts a positive mechanical locking system that saves drivers both time and effort, eliminating the need to leave the cab to put a safety pin in place. This is a world-first. With no manual pin insertion required there is also less chance of injury.

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