Grab Grapple MultiGrapple Quick Hitch

By: Jb Attachments  06-Dec-2011


This innovative Multi-Grapple from JB Attachments incorporates a unique quick connection.  The connection mechanism allows the grapple to be connected and locked onto to your excavator without the operator having to leave the cab.

When combined with th JBA Multi-Coupler this grapple can be easily attached and released to your excavator - saving down time with efficient attachment changes.

The Lowdown

This innovative Grapple from JB Attachments is sure to be an effective part of your equipment inventory.  Its unique connection means that the grapple can be connected and locked on to your excavator mechanically, thus eliminating the need for the operator to leave the excavator cab.

The Multi-Grapple's lightweight structure, with wide unfold width and narrow close, give you increased dexterity and control in any application.

  • Designed to quickly attach and release when incorporated with JBA Multi Coupler
  • Unique quick-connect mechanism means that it connects and locks on to your excavator without the need for operator to leave the cab
  • Lightweight structure
  • Wide unfold width and narrow close width
  • Mechanical quick-connect means that there is no need for operator to leave cab - eliminating human error
  • Wide unfold width and narrow close width give machine operator increased control

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Product Specs

Carrier Size
MODEL Unfold Width
Max (mm)
Fold Width
Min (mm)
Weight (kg)
1.0-3.5 KTMG200 1590-1600 170 -173
3.5-8.0 KTMG300 2000-2050 200-210 230-250
11.0-14.0 KTMG600 2700-2800 330-340 640-680
17.0-22.0 KTMG800 3250-3300 380-390 1010-1020
23.0-30.0 KTMG1000 3800-3900 400-410 1412

Product Options

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