By: Jamar Industries  06-Dec-2011

The Jamar jobbing factory can produce a range of products from sheet metal, stainless steel or aluminium. No job is too small and there is no limit on the difficulty of the project. Our highly skilled staff will take on most requests.

Squeezed for Secure Storage Space?

Whether you live in an apartment or let-out rental residential unit, you’ll be all too aware of the space squeeze that’s part and parcel of apartment dwelling and design. There’s simply nowhere to stash such items as bikes, sports equipment, large toys, golf clubs, luggage, spare bedding, wine collections or important files and documents.

The Jaloc Storage Cabinet is an over-car-bonnet security unit that can be quickly and simply installed against the back wall of an existing car space. It’s cleverly designed to take advantage of currently unused head and wall space in garages, carports and basement parking bays.

Height-adjustable legs allow any kind of car or SUV to nose-in under the cabinet, so no car parking or floor space is sacrificed.

And, when you want to move your cabinet to a new location or address, you can, because it’s a breeze to dismantle and reassemble.

  • Strong, lockable, rustproof and aesthetically appealing
  • Fits into standard garages, carports and underground parking bays
  • Spacious – with a capacity of 3 cubic meters
  • Versatile – with one internal shelf and optional shelving to divide the space according to your needs
  • Excellent value-for-money
  • Removable/movable – unbolt, dismantle and reassemble elsewhere
  • Potential rental income-earner for landlords or residents who don’t need the extra storage space

  • Optional Extras:
  • Powder coating to colour of choice
  • Extra shelving to suit your requirements
  • Galvanised steel base for rotational mounting
  • Made to measure for special applications

Jamar Remote Plant Enclosure is a robust, weatherproof, rust-resistant, indoor/outdoor cabinet designed to securely house your compressor, condenser unit or similar machinery.

It’s built tough to stand up to the worst weather and the hardest knocks. Sturdy, lockable, louver doors provide excellent ventilation while a screen mesh door lining bars entry by dust, grit, leaves and insects.

Ducting, Ventilation and Particle Extraction Systems

Our design engineers will calculate and manufacture the exact ventilation or dust, fume extraction system to help you deal with a range of air pollution problems.

Recent contracts have included extraction of dust and fumes for a concrete additive product company and the eradication of foul smells from a fish factory using UV radiation technology. Ducting systems for sewage treatment plants and air-conditioning requirement in buildings are also areas where Jamar is active.

Architectural and Security Metal Work

Jamar provides architectural metal work, including all aspects of sheet metal and mild steel fabrication. Balustrade in stainless steel or mild steel, security bars of mesh, in stainless steel or mild steel brackets are all available from Jamar.

Jamar design and build all light steel fabrication work for the construction industry including galvanized flashings, steel brackets, roof access covers, stainless steel rain heads and downpipes.

Marine Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Our certified welders, using 316 marine grade stainless steel can fabricate all your marine requirements.

Fish Smokers

Dry smokers for the perfect smoked fish.

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