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By: Jackie Blue  06-Dec-2011

Newsletters - Dr Jackie Blue MP

Jackie Blue's Roskill Report, sent Thursday 5th May 2011.


ANCAZ Day Mt Roskill War Memorial on May Road

Anzac Day is a time to remember and honour the sacrifices that young Kiwis and Australians made when they landed at Gallipoli 95 years ago. It is also a time to pay tribute to all our servicemen that have taken part in subsequent wars and peacekeeping efforts.

It's a really special day for me as it gives me a chance to proudly wear my father's medals that he was awarded for his World War 2 army service. The service at the Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall just gets bigger each year and is attended by a wide cross section of the Mt Roskill community.

Later in the day I was privileged to attend the Anzac service at the Ranfurly War Veteran's Home at Three Kings where 91 year old Phil Buscomb was finally presented with war service medals - 67 years after his discharge from the New Zealand Army where he served with distinction in the Pacific.

Roskill Youth Zone to Open

This wonderful new facility, which is located adjacent to the Wesley Community Centre, Sandringham Rd Extension, will be opened by the Prime Minister next month.

The Roskill Youth Zone Sport and physical activities will play a big part with the centre catering for the many diverse cultural groups in the community.

The Youth Facility will have many fantastic amenities such as an indoor basketball court/large hall, gym equipment, sound proof music room, break out rooms, cafe, and an outdoor basketball court/volleyball court.

Putting Victims at the Centre of the Justice System

The Government has announced reforms to give extra support to victims of crime. This is the result of public consultation since December 2009 on the document "A Focus on Victims of Crime: A Review of Victims' Rights". A Victims Centre will be established within the Ministry of Justice to oversee victims' services.

The Centre will develop a new Victims Code to help victims understand their rights, the services available to them, and the complaints process.

Other changes include reforming Victim Impact Statements, changing the Victim Notification System, introducing new accountability requirements and complaints processes, and a wider use of restorative justice. A Victims of Crime Reform Bill will be introduced by mid-2011.

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The United Nations International Day of Older Persons is a chance to celebrate and recognise the contribution older New Zealanders make to our lives, our families, and our communities. We have more than 800 new doctors and 2000 new nurses working in our health system, as well as more than 1800 medical graduates signed up to our voluntary bonding scheme.


Press Release - Dr Jackie Blue MP

Schools will be able to share scarce resources like physics and IT teachers, and students will be able to take part in virtual classrooms and courses that might not be available at their own schools. I’m delighted schools in Mt Roskill, including Glenavon School will have access to ultra-fast broadband, and all the services it brings, by the middle of next year,” she says.


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I am very pleased to be taking part in this estimates debate on Vote Health, and I would like to congratulate the Minister of Health on his leadership in this portfolio. I had not appreciated that they are actually on-the-spot throat swabs that are taken of children with sore throats, and they show whether they have strep throat.


Video - Dr Jackie Blue MP

Jackie talks about community safety, a patrol on which she accompanied Mt Rosskill police, and some things on her agenda concerning community issues like safety. She goes on to discuss legislation targeting the misuse of drugs - particularly substances like Kronic. Video - Dr Jackie Blue MP.