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By: Itss  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Web Hosting, Virus Protection, Business Networking

Web Hosting

is a Web hosting facility for businesses, Once your Web site is designed, we can help you place it at the Internet community through [email protected] and make sure they are up and running. Your Web site can include information about your company's products, services pricing and any other information you want to communicate to potential or existing customers.


Supports unlimited traffic so you don't have to worry about rising costs as your site gets more popular and gets more traffic.

Provides you with Web site traffic statistics so you can find out how many people accessed your site, where they come from and more.

Update your site through FTP Access 24hrs every day.

Support Website redirection. so that you can redirect your site while construction.

Script Library. This means you can provide forms for customers to register for services and submit enquiries or comments; a graphic page counter so you can display how many customers have visited your site. and more.

Secure server access via our client SSL cert. You can access your forms through our secure server.

Online administration, provided so that you can configure your account , change your contact detail, change your staff's password.. all in one place.

Hosting your web site is one of our core business. We offer fast, stable and consistent web hosting. Your account is opened within twenty-four hours of signing up, and we will handle all domain name registration and transfers for FREE (excluding *Domainz registration fees or new domains).

is a email facility for business. We provide email service that 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, and protect you with our latest virus protection system.


Automatic virus protection, all email thur are automatically checked for virus. It help to stop all know virus before they attack your personal files or damage your computer.

Automatic Spam protection, all email thur are automatically scaned for spammer activity. It help to prevent 80 - 85% spam message. unlike some other Internet Service Providers, you'll be protected by the anti-spam filter at no additional cost.

Webmail Express, is our webmail system provide many function for you while you are away from your desk.

Check your mail through POP3 Access 24hrs every day.

IMAP4 support, advance IMAP protocol allow more advance features than traditional pop3 when supported client is used.

Web Development

ITSS is a professional web design company which helps you to build your site that needs to be effective and work well for you business. In ITSS we can design which satisfy our customer's need. In order to build an effective web site, we will help you to identify your target audience, marketing strategy and contents which requires update regularly. The purpose is to attract and keep the attention of your web site audience and make you success from the internet.

E-Commerce Development

Our experience Cold Fusion programmer can complete your mission impossible !! Many of the features which is not available and not possible elsewhere can be done with us with the use of Cold Fusion program (also known as 'cfm scripts') that runs on our Internet web server. These program enable the 'bells and whistles' of the web site which would not otherwise be possible. We can use Cold Fusion to interact with any ODBC database files and other processes to deliver content to the web browser based on what a visitor selects and also any e-commerce transaction can be done easily with Cold Fusion.

Business Networking

Our business networking team has years of experience in business networking installation, maintenance, security and backup. We can provide complete solutions for any small to enterprise class company.

Keywords: Business Networking, Email Service, Virus Protection, Web Hosting