By: Itl Technologies  06-Dec-2011

                       ITL Technologies understand that our Clients are continually expanding their service offerings to their Customers. The resulting operational diversity presents these Customers with an ever increasing number of ways that they can be both contacted and make contact.
       All of these service offerings must drive superior performance to be able to maximise the full benefits for the businesses involved.
With this “Top of Mind”, ITL Technologies have designed their Suite of Solutions in such a way as to Drive Superior Performance.
     ITL believe the key initiatives to drive superior performance include:

  • Developing a full service capability covering all the different areas of the Business
  • Continuing to strive for operational excellence to generate efficiencies and superior service delivery
  • Developing innovative technology solutions for their Client’s Customers and chosen markets
  • Fostering an environment of technological excellence
  • Ensuring IT is an enabler that can help their Clients successfully achieve their business goals

Based on these key points and in addition to what our Clients require, ITL have developed six different Solutions. These can be used on a mix and match bases to address their business requirements.
Check out our Suite of Solutions above for more detail and information. 

Other products and services from Itl Technologies


Service Management

ITL Technologies team of Solutions Engineers, work together with you to craft solutions that improve service and lower overall support costs for your voice, data and network infrastructure solutions, all of which help you and your Customers business’s grow.



These products have been chosen for their performance and reliability and when applied to our particular clients business requirements are able to deliver a true “end-to-end” solution. As part of our commitment to quality service, ITL’s technical staff receive ongoing updates and training sessions with all of our suppliers of the various product sets.


Client Documentation Management

This not only ensures that Clients have readily available, multiple access, to accurate information, but it can also provide a backup of the Clients Data in an emergency as a direct benefit of the data being stored off the Clients Site.


Data Centre Management

Weekly monitoring of Computer Room environments for cleanliness, proper server and rack labelling, proper equipment / intra-rack cabling installations, room temperatures, humidity levels and room airflow. This is accomplished through redundancy of copper cabling, fibre optic cabling, air handlers, fire detection and power, which includes emergency backup power generation.