Data Centre Management

By: Itl Technologies  06-Dec-2011

“Because there are so many Bits….and Bytes”

The main purpose of a Data Centre is running the applications that handle the core business and operational data of the organization. As a result, one of the main concerns is business continuity. If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be disrupted or stopped completely. Therefore it is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations, in order to minimize any risk of disruption.

Information security is also a concern, and for this reason a Data Centre has to offer a secure environment which minimizes the chances of a security breach. A Data Centre must therefore keep high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment. This is accomplished through redundancy of copper cabling, fibre optic cabling, air handlers, fire detection and power, which includes emergency backup power generation. All of these aspects require various degrees of management.

ITL Technologies work with their Clients and develop Data Centre Management Solutions that deliver for our Clients specific business requirements.
The following scope is an example of the key functions of Data Centre Management and some of the possible detailed requirements within those areas.

  1. Computer Room Management
  • Maintain site wide and computer room layout diagrams.
  • Maintain site wide documentation for structured cabling and possible fibre cabling.
  • Weekly monitoring of Computer Room environments for cleanliness, proper server and rack labelling, proper equipment / intra-rack cabling installations, room temperatures, humidity levels and room airflow.
  1. Environmental Provisioning
  • Pre-allocation of server installation locations within racks.
  • Inter-rack data cabling for new hardware installations.
  •  Rack installations (tile cutting, rack bracing, rack positioning, power)
  • These scopes entail keeping abreast of all projects and their associated requirements, changes and variations.
  1. Additional Services
  • Attend weekly Work Load Management meetings with the Clients Facilities Team.
  • Receive regularly updated Capacity Planning/Project Forecasting spreadsheets from the Clients Facilities Team.
  • Proactively liaise with the Client Facilities / Operations Managers to confirm requirements for Environmental Provisioning.
  • Proactively liaise with the Clients IT Project Managers and Project Technical Managers, to ensure necessary project provisioning is being planned for.
  • Liaise and work with the Clients Data Centre service vendors for engineering services, electrical services, tile cutting, and hardware suppliers as required.
    • Engage other service vendors by issue of formally raised work requests
    • Comply with the Clients Access and Change control policies for Data Centres.
    • Comply with the Clients invoicing requirements
  • Use the Business's Management Tools i.e. change and incident management system, Help Desk for example:
    • Receiving and acting on work requests issued to the Clients Facilities Team by other groups within the Business.
    • Raising work requests for other Facilities Team’s service vendors.
  • Assisting the Clients Facilities Team with other work as requested, related to items 1 and 2.
  1. Documentation and Reporting

The following are examples of reports and records that can be created, maintained and supplied to the business in consultation with Client.

  • Computer Room Management undertaken proactively on a weekly/fortnightly basis, as agreed with the Clients Facilities Team and real time records maintained of the audits and documentation updates.
  • A monthly report can be supplied that summarises:
    • The environmental provisioning work requests completed in the past month   and the cost incurred in doing so
    • Any computer rooms management issues attended to
    • Other detail as requested by the Facilities Team 

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