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By: Isl  05-Apr-2012

Please find a product listing below on equipment that we support  and sell in New Zealand.

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Canon DR Systems - Radiology

Canon has applied its renowned expertise in optical technologies and imaging to produce digital radiography detectors with up to 7.2 million pixels instantly converting into a 14-bit digital image making a truly digital solution for capturing x-ray images. Using a DR system saves more than 60 percent of your time because registering the patient and cassette handling are no longer part of the workflow.


AMX4 / AMX4+ DR Upgrade - Radiology

You can even option for a dual plate system which will have both series detectors available for use - the CXDI-60 Series detector is excellent for NICU and pediatrics due to the 23x28 cm imaging area the detector will fit right into neonatal incubator trays.