AMX4 / AMX4+ DR Upgrade - Radiology

By: Isl  05-Apr-2012

Expand the purpose of your AMX mobile with a Canon DR panel upgrade. Outfit your system with your choice of a Canon CXDI-55 or CXDI-60 Series digital detector. You can even option for a dual plate system which will have both series detectors available for use - the CXDI-60 Series detector is excellent for NICU and pediatrics due to the 23x28 cm imaging area the detector will fit right into neonatal incubator trays. The CXDI-55 Series has an imaging area of 35x43 cm, the generous size of this detector accommodates a wide range of radiographic exams such as skull, spine, chest, abdomen, and extremities. The lightweight design, generous imaging area and fast processing times of these Canon DR detectors make it easy to capture high quality diagnostic images for routine diagnosis as well as challenging trauma and bedside exams. This upgrade will enable you to -

  • Create High Quality Images at Bedside
  • Carry no more cassettes to a CR reader
  • A means to bring the digital detector to the patient
  • Have flexible patient positioning
  • Have improved workflow and patient throughput
  • Have full dicom connectivity on your mobile system
  • Have minimum disruption as the upgrade can be carried out in hours not days

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Canon DR Systems - Radiology

Canon has applied its renowned expertise in optical technologies and imaging to produce digital radiography detectors with up to 7.2 million pixels instantly converting into a 14-bit digital image making a truly digital solution for capturing x-ray images. Using a DR system saves more than 60 percent of your time because registering the patient and cassette handling are no longer part of the workflow.