XPLAN Hosting

By: Iress Market Technology  06-Dec-2011

From the initial deployment of XPLAN through to the ongoing management of software, database servers, and hardware, IRESS assumes complete responsibility - leaving you focussed on running your business.

We actively monitor activity on your XPLAN solution to ensure your configuration is meeting demand, and we are pro-active in upgrading infrastructure to meet your business growth and the expansion of the XPLAN software.


  • Reduce your upfront costs through the provision of a service rather than an investment in computer assets and IT personnel
  • Get XPLAN up and running quickly
  • Ensure reliable availability for internet access by staff and clients
  • Limit your exposure to risk and expense in an environment of rapid technological change
  • Free your time to focus on clients, financial planning, and your business rather than IT
  • Provide security via a complete, daily data backup

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IRESS - Financial Services

We tailor our support and services according to client needs, and maintain open communication with clients to ensure they are informed, trained and able to achieve their objectives. Our products can by nature be complex, and in large organisations may vary in their implementation and configuration from one department to the next.


IRESS User Assistance

We do not expect that one person can answer all questions and so the IRESS Account Executives form part of a tight knit team of product managers, technical support, help desk and function or industry specialists. The IRESS Account Executive is central to the implementation process and the ongoing relationship we maintain with clients. The team comprises individuals with market knowledge, core product knowledge and specialist product knowledge.


IRESS Training

Training is incorporated into the subscription cost for clients who subscribe to the IRESS Professional suite of desktop financial markets products directly with IRESS Market Technology. IRESS support staff are located in the heart of the financial market districts, making it easy to attend and assist clients when they need us.