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By: Invisible Link  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Wireless Lan, Wireless Systems, Network Access

Wireless WAN - High speed building interconnectivity. Need high bandwidth between your sites but frustrated by long lead times and high cost of leased lines?

Developments in the last few years has seen the popularity of wireless systems soar. Offering high bandwidths, low install times and zero operating costs has meant many companies are now switching away from expensive leased lines.

At Invisible Link our site survey and technical design teams can plan networks and calculate link availability prior to visiting site. Once on site however we can perform link tests and establish the type of connection and data rates that can be achieved. Data rates of 7Mbps to 1Gbps are available within our portfolio of unlicensed and licensed Microwave and Laser products.

Wireless LAN - Network availability is now taken for granted within any building. However in difficult to reach areas or where triple play and mobility is required Wireless Ethernet comes into its own. Invisible Link offer some market leading solutions providing excellent VOIP support over Wireless LAN.

Invisible Links can seamlessly integrate a wireless LAN into your existing network infrastructure, providing your organisation with a high-speed, secure wireless network that will enable your workforce to become fully mobile.

Developments in reliability and wireless LAN security have made it a cost-effective alternative to traditional wired networks, with many benefits for users and network managers.

Wireless LAN Benefits

  • Flexibility - makes it faster and cost effective to seamlessly move staff improving productivity
  • Portability - unlike cabling, wireless LAN hardware can be easily moved around and relocated so the value of your investment can be maintained.
  • Mobility - provide network access to your staff across a campus or large remote area.
  • Adaptability - make use of unavailable resources in old buildings or locations where cabling is not possible.
  • Technology enhancements - Voice, video, real time asset and personnel tracking

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