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By: Interserve  06-Dec-2011

We offer a broad range of support services, both as fully managed "bundled" packages and as discrete services for specific needs.

Our unique service delivery model drives value and ensures sustainable development, innovation, continuous performance improvement and a culture that focuses on the people using the environment we are managing. In our support service functions we:

  • Directly employ over 22,000 people in the UK, Europe and the Middle East
  • Have 28 UK support offices
  • Operate 2,500 client sites
  • Maintain and clean 25 million sq m of property
  • Handle over 1.9 million helpdesk calls per year
  • Secure over 3,600 buildings
  • Achieved 103 RoSPA awards in the last 5 years
  • Successfully transferred over 17,000 people
  • Deliver in excess of 16 million meals per year
  • Handle 600,000 pieces of luggage a year
  • Work on some of the largest PFI projects in the UK
  • Undertake 100,000 portering moves a year

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PFI - Services - Interserve

As of 9 March 2011 we have closed a total of 38 contracts of which, after disposals and transfers, 21 remain in our portfolio (we also retain an active PFI management role in 13 contracts transferred to the Interserve pension fund). Interserve has built a solid reputation in the PFI field based on our experience in creating and managing one of the largest portfolios in the UK.


Consulting - Services - Interserve

Using our expertise and the knowledge we have gained over decades working in live environments, we can help shape client strategies and offer solutions which we know will work in practice and will achieve the best possible outcome for the investment spend. Our construction and support services capabilities are then available to follow through and implement our advice if required.