InterfaceFLOR - INZIDE commercial

By: Interfacenz  06-Dec-2011

Selective tile replacement

While InterfaceFLOR modular carpet has been carefully designed to provide an easily maintained and durable flooring solution, modularity provides the ability to selectively replace tiles or sections that sustain severe damage.

Tile Rotation

In most interior fit outs, 20% of the floor receives 80% of the wear. Modularity enables tile rotation so that the floorcoverings can wear more evenly, further extending the lifecycle. Combined with the 15-year warranty provided with most products, InterfaceFLOR modular carpet ensures long-term serviceability and appearance retention.

Installation Advantage

For high-rise buildings, transporting large rolls of broadloom to the actual area where it needs to be laid can be difficult or expensive. In many cases, broadloom rolls need to be craned in. Alternatively, the broadloom is often cut up to enable it to fit in lifts and only limited amounts can be moved at any one time. InterfaceFLOR modular carpet comes in easy to transport boxes and spare stock can easily be stored.

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