SolidWorks Design Solutions by Intercad - products simulate

By: Intercad  05-Apr-2012


SolidWorks offers a suite of simulation packages that let you set up a virtual real-world environment to test your product designs. Test against a broad range of parameters throughout the design process—like durability, dynamic response, heat and pressure, even fluid dynamics—to evaluate performance and make decisions to improve product quality and safety. Simulation lowers cost and speeds time to market by reducing the number of physical prototypes you need before going into production.

FIRST LOOK: Integrated Simulation with Design – Learn about testing designs to real world conditions

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SolidWorks Design Solutions by Intercad - products

Pioneers of 3D parametric modeling with over 23 years of reliable service. Largest team of Certified SolidWorks Engineers in Australia & New Zealand. Let's go Design with Australia & New Zealand's No. 1 SolidWorks Reseller. Making our customers No. 1.


SolidWorks Design Solutions by Intercad - products design

SolidWorks 3D CAD software offers three packages building in functionality and tiered to best suit the needs of your organization. Application-specific tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, mold tool and die make it easy to deliver best-in-class designs. All packages utilize the intuitive SolidWorks user interface to speed your design process and make you instantly productive.


SolidWorks Design Solutions by Intercad - products manage

You can securely store and index your design data for fast retrieval, eliminate concerns about version control and data loss, and even share and collaborate on designs online with people outside your organization. You improve the productivity of your product development process, no matter the size and distribution of your organization.


SolidWorks Design Solutions by Intercad - products sustain

You get a continuous, real-time dashboard of the impacts of your designs, helping you quickly compare design alternatives to find the most environmentally conscious options that meet your design requirements. SolidWorks Sustainability quickly and easily integrates environmental assessment and sustainable design into your established design process.