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By: Integro Leadership  05-Apr-2012

You can find the most appropriate package for your organisation's needs among our four categories:

  1. Trust Inside assessmentsA series of proprietary Intégro surveys and models designed to analyse and measure team and individual performance across a range of key metrics. This is an ideal starting point for new clients and organisations wishing to begin a new development process with leaders and teams.
  2. Fast track packagesA range of intensive programs that drive sustained positive change through a two-to-three day engagement. These innovative packages are specifically tailored for executives with both clear needs and a limited time window for action.
  3. Full consulting engagementsIntégro has a range of flagship development programs that take leaders and teams through a measured, focused and lasting change process – building and sustaining a high-performance team, with trust as its core.
  4. Special productsFor clients with specific needs outside of Intégro's core development programs, we continue to create a series of focused engagements and programs.

Other products and services from Integro Leadership


Customer Service | Integro Leadership Institute

Good marketing, a strong reputation, and a quality product are all factors that attract new business. Most customer service training emphasises skills and behaviours.


Trust Inside Assessments | Integro Leadership Institute

The survey results empower leaders and employees with a new understanding of their work environment, while Intégro's range of development models provide strategies for bringing performance up to optimum levels. Trust Inside assessments deliver a vivid snapshot of individual and team performance and expectations across a range of critical areas.


Employee Engagement Survey – Integro Leadership Institute

The primary purpose of your organisation is to deliver value to your customers through your products and services. The more passionate your employees are the more value you will deliver – value your competitors cannot match. Passion contributes more towards value creation than any other human capability*. The Employee Passion Survey shows you how passionate your employees really are. Personal importance and organisational performance.


Flexibility and Trust Survey | Integro Leadership Institute

Interpersonal flexibility is the ability to relate to people in such a way that their needs are at least as important as yours. Flexible people tend to have the ability to gain endorsement for their initiatives, projects and proposals. The flexibility component of this two-part survey measures a range of team members' capabilities. The trust component of the survey measures team members' ability to build trust.


Team Alignment Survey | Integro Leadership Institute

It is equally important, however, for the team to be in alignment on the direction in which it is going, and on the outcomes it is aiming to achieve. Team Alignment Report: measures the degree to which team members are in alignment on their Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals, Procedures and Roles. These are indeed the two essential underlying factors determining team success: trust and alignment.