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By: Integration Works  06-Dec-2011

IntegrationWorks builds systems that are the most stable and reliable they can be. To keep them that way, we offer ongoing monitoring to catch issues before they affect your business. And for when problems do arise, our 24/7 support is always on hand to fix it as quickly as possible.

Post deployment support

Support for the period immediately following deployment of new systems and services to ensure they bed in. Provision of specialists when they are required. 

24/7 operational support and service desk

ITIL based service desk providing 24/7 support services to our clients. Full management and prioritisation of all service desk activity. Integration of our service desk to yours to keep all parties informed.  

Monitoring and management

Automated monitoring and management of integration infrastructure. Preventative management, monitoring of performance, monitoring of successful and failed transactions.

One-off, ad hoc support requirements

Provision of service desk and support services on an ad-hoc basis for specific requirements. Coverage for staff leave, holiday periods, new system implementations or any other extraordinary event.

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The benefits to you include improved responsiveness and quality of service for you customers, seamless and effective information exchange, and easier management of data in disparate systems. This provides real commercial advantages by realising the full value of existing assets, providing real business performance advantages and reducing capital expenditure on new systems.


SOA & Integration | Integration Works

Analyse and document existing processes, simulation of new processes, build and govern new business processes and use real-time data to evaluate business process effectiveness. We have a proven track record of building successful, efficient integration systems using SOA, and can help with everything from architecture planning to on going support.


Consulting & Advice | Integration Works

We adopt the methodologies of service orientated modeling and the architecture and service modeling framework to ensure effective requirements and problem definition. We can assist in developing an integration strategy that truly aligns with organisational goals and ensure programs and projects align with that strategy.


Identity Management | Integration Works

In this way, you’ll be able to work with confidence knowing that private material is kept locked away, and that only the right people can make decisions and changes. Role based access control only goes so far and is really only useful for the moment in time it was implemented. Identity Management is about carefully managing who has access to, and control over, certain information.