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By: Insideoutworks  06-Dec-2011

A single negative experience by a customer can seriously undermine what your company stands for and how your organisation is viewed. For example, if a loyal client is faced with unresponsiveness or a service that does not work this can lead to not only a loss of business but also bad publicity.

We often focus our marketing efforts on advertising and promotion. However this investment is wasted if we don’t follow through on commitments and make sure our interactions represent value for the client and they are getting what they expect.

'Marketing from the inside out' is a holistic approach to the way you do business. It involves fully integrating all aspects of your business, starting with your brand promises and extending to your staff culture, customer interactions, partner relationships and promotion to ensure repeat business and positive 'word of mouth' referrals.

So how do we make this work for you?

First we work with you to engage your staff, suppliers and partners in meaningful discussions about what your company stands for and shared understandings about what is unique and special about it.

We work with you to translate this uniqueness into key messages and positive service experiences. For example, if you want to be perceived as professional, trustworthy and responsive this must be reflected not just in what you say about your company but also how it functions. We make sure your internal communications are in tune with external promotion so the right messages are heard inside and outside the company.

We help you to uncover the key service interactions or 'moments or truth' that really matter to your clients. By focusing on their priorities you can stay ahead of others. Along the way we can diagnose roadblocks and empower staff so they can fix problems promptly if they occur.

Consider whether front line team members have the right levels of delegated responsibility. We can help with providing appropriate coaching and mentoring support. If your business involves other suppliers we recommend you involve them so they form part of a seamless service experience for your clients.

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Our experience

One of our directors undertook some of the earliest research applying these concepts in a New Zealand setting and we have been building on this foundation to improve our knowledge and expertise ever since.

We have undertaken internal culture surveys, facilitated client focus groups and led team workshops for professional firms and public sector clients to gain insights on customer priorities which resulted in greater customer focus for consistency and integration of efforts.

We have helped education and health sector clients and professional firms to raise their profiles, to attract more clients and to increase their profitability using integrated marketing and communication strategies for major events, the launch of new services and improvements to existing services.

We have been involved from initial brand concept development to corporate identity, preparing website and print content for promotional material, producing service guidelines and assisting with internal communication programmes.

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