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By: Informed Sources  05-Apr-2012

Hot Spots programs are designed to focus solely on one (or two) core business elements at any given time. They are mini-surveys that will provide the answer to that 'question of the moment'.

The key benefit to these programs is that the survey is small enough for the 'question' to completely change prior to each scheduled collection period. This allows a flexibility that cannot be adopted in more comprehensive survey programs that require tracking results over time.

Businesses can benefit significantly from this program as it accommodates the ever changing nature of priorities in today's world. As the aim of each Hot Spots collection can vary considerably, the 'focus' will determine whether or not the survey can be conducted overtly or covertly.

To obtain the most value from a Hot Spots program it is recommended that..

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Programs can be a simple (tick & flick) compliance check of core business guidelines, or a complex program that involves a series of compliance checks to be performed across multiple business areas, with weighted analysis and the execution of a reward and recognition initiative. The covert survey process ensures this experience is untainted by staff awareness and special treatment.