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By: Immigration Direct  06-Dec-2011

Our List of Services
We help with the following items:
•  Assistance with Visas and Permits
•  Professional advice on policy

We also offer a range of supporting services that complete the entire immigration process including assistance with settling in once you get to New Zealand. See Other Services below.

When you contact us initially, we will ask you to fill in our Assessment Form to ascertain the exact nature of your enquiry and if we can identify that your requirement is within our range of services, we will advise you to send specific documentation relevant to your case to complete our assessment process.

If your request is one that we believe will not succeed under the Government’s published laws and policies, we will inform you of this and will give you an explanation as to why you do not meet the immigration criteria. We believe in a policy of honesty and will not waste your time and money trying to process an impossible application.

Other products and services from Immigration Direct


Details - Immigration Direct

We will provide professional advice on immigration policy and will offer accurate solutions to assess each individual situation so that correct documentation can be prepared and the appropriate process can be followed to achieve the applicant’s goals. Immigration Direct is offering a corporate visas and permits service assistance for people wanting to study, visit, work or live permanently in New Zealand.


Fee Structure - Immigration Direct

Note that your initial payment will cover the preliminary processes for your application and our administration fee. We do not charge a deposit and you will sign the contract when you are ready to process your application. Our fees are payable up to five installments on a case-by-case basis.


Step-by-Step Guide - Immigration Direct

If you want to come to New Zealand for the purpose of living permanently, visit, study or work, then check out our step by step guide on how we can help you achieve your objective. Once your application is finalized and approved by the Immigration New Zealand Department, Immigration Direct will contact you about organizing travel to New Zealand.