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By: Ibanz College  05-Apr-2012
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Your Continuing Professional Development

IBANZ members are required to maintain a record of their CPD that shows evidence of professional development, updating of industry product knowledge and technical and specialist knowledge.

IBANZ promotes a model of professionalism, integrating up-to-date product knowledge and specialist risk advice knowledge within the concept of dual professionalism. Insurance broking professionals are encouraged to reflect on their current practice and to articulate their development needs in terms of actions that impact on their practice. This moves the emphasis of CPD from attending a course or seminar to how it impacts upon customer relationships and public confidence.

Remain up-to-date in a dynamic profession

You may be satisfied with your current position, but there are no guarantees that your current skill-set will remain up to date within this ever-changing landscape of regulation and legislation. We are starting to see the full effects of the Financial Services Act (2008) as many financial service providers that previously have been largely unregulated are now being regulated. Insurance brokers are now operating in a profession with more accountability and consequences for poor advice.

IBANZ comprises of a team of experienced insurance professionals, who are up-to-date with trend, regulations and demands. IBANZ College promises to provide an education of the highest quality that meets the trends, regulations and demands of today, as we prepare you to be competent individuals for the future.

A competitive advantage for individuals and organisations

It is essential for any insurance broker to establish a list of regular clients. In this light, a progressing list of qualifications in the field will highlight your desire to continuously improve. This will give your clients peace of mind, demonstrating your commitment to quality and professionalism.

IBANZ understands the importance of a recognised qualification and, therefore, we offer officially recognised accredited courses and programmes by NZQA.

Career advancement

Career progression is one reason people pursue professional development. Different positions need a different set of skills and knowledge; it is especially true as you move up the hierarchy.You need to prepare and be able to capitalize on promotional opportunities that may present themelves throughout your career. Continuous professional development can be critical, giving you an important competitive edge in the industry.

Keywords: Financial Services, Insurance Broker, Professional Development

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IBANZ College offers you an opportunity to join a select community of professionals who value formal education and ongoing professional developmentpractitioners who are involved in growing their professional credentials. We recognise that you require more from an education programme. IBANZ College is not your average education provider.


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No professional can rely on their initial qualification or skills to advance their careers or just to remain current in the dynamic field of insurance broking. IBANZ College can make your learning and development goals possible as the study will revolve around your work. Access a range of technical and non-technical subjects through our short courses and DVDs. This is your chance to build your competitive edge and stand out from the crowd.


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Access to the college Learning Site is restricted to approved members only.You need to be a registered member of the college if you wish access to distance-learning materialsand your CPD points. The IBANZ College Restricted Portal is dedicated to providing you with quality services, resources, and support to aid your professional development.