By: Homepcrepairs  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Hardware, Internet Security, Internet Connection

Computer problems? I can help!!! 

Is your computer running slow? Freezing up? Popups? Displaying error messages?

Hardware Setup, Support, Troubleshooting and Repair

I will setup any new hardware you may have purchased, and troubleshoot and repair any of your hardware currently not working properly, and provide replacements if necessary.

Hardware Upgrades

Is your PC running slowly? You may need a memory upgrade! I can provide and upgrade your current PC with more memory, new

cd-rw drives, bigger faster hard drives, faster video cards, or any other upgrade you need.

Virus Protection and Internet Security

I offer virus removal, protection and Internet security tools for your PC. If you are concerned about your PC's security, I can advise and install the necessary virus protection and security tools to protect you.

Child protection free software and setup

In these times most, if not all children have access to the internet.  With Family Safety, you decide how your kids experience the Internet. You can limit searches, block or allow websites, decide who your kids can communicate with when they’re using Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, or Spaces and monitor what websites they're visiting.  I can help set this up for you!!!

Data retrieval

Backing up is critical when anyone uses a PC.  If this is not done imagine the havoc it would create.  If you have suffered a hard disk failure, the most important thing is not to panic.  You should switch off your computer and leave it switched off. Keeping your computer switched on can make the problem worse and cause further data loss.  Bring your case (PC) to me and I can attempt to retrieve the information for you.  I can either put the recovered information onto disc (DVD/CD) or at an additional cost I put put the information on an external hard-drive for you.


If you need to network your current PCs at home or at your business, I can provide and install a network so your computers can share and access files from each other. Or if you'd like to share your cable internet connection with other computers, we can provide and install the necessary equipment.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Does your computer run slow and sluggish? Not the way it did when you first bought it?  I offer regular or one-off cleaning and maintenance services, to ensure your PC keeps working the way it should.

Software Installation/Support/Troubleshooting

I can help with installing or configuring your new software. If your software is not functioning properly, I can help troubleshoot your problems.


Have you bought a new PC and need help learning how to use it? We can help you learn basic PC skills necessary to run your new PC effectively. Or do you need help learning how to run your new cd-rw drive? We can help train you on your new equipment and software.

Keywords: Hardware, Internet Connection, Internet Security