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By: Homefinders  06-Dec-2011
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Buying a home is a massive financial and emotional investment. Despite this however, very few people have access to the knowledge and expertise to enable them to buy the best possible house at the smartest possible price.

HomeFinders provides a solution to this.

Our 'Buying Package' described below is designed for individuals who are looking to purchase and is based on providing truly outstanding levels of service to our clients to ensure that they find a very special home.


Retaining Fee of $4,000 (+ GST)* deductible upon payment of success fee at completion.

Completion Fee 2% of purchase price, or 15% of the saving on the listing price, or $8,000 whichever is the greater. All prices are subject to GST.*

* GST stands for Goods and Services Tax which is a broad-based consumer tax levied at a flat rate of 12.5% on all goods and services supplied in New Zealand.

1. No obligation introductory meeting

- The first step is to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and how our service may be tailored to suit. We will advise on current market conditions and some initial considerations for you to take into account in planning your proposed purchase.

2. In-depth briefing meeting and familiarisation tour (if required)

- Individuals have a myriad of different lifestyle and housing requirements. We are committed to thoroughly discussing with you every possible matter and circumstance that may impact on your needs and requirements for a home. A number of matters may be discussed here in detail such as lifestyle and family requirements, schools, suitable neighbourhoods, primary and secondary motivations for purchasing, and how to maximise budgetary constraints. If you are unfamiliar with Auckland's geography and suburbs, we can conduct a 'familiarisation tour' with you which involves visiting different suburbs and discussing the pros and cons of each in relation to your particular needs.

3. Property search

- With a detailed brief of your requirements in hand, we can commence searching for properties that match your brief. The length of time that we will take to find suitable properties will depend upon a number of factors such as property type and price, your particular requirements and the current state of the market. Our in-depth knowledge and well-established contacts across the industry enable us to access properties that may not be listed on the open market or may only be available through private individuals or developers.

4. View all suitable properties on your behalf and collate short-list based on brief

- We personally visit all properties that may come within your brief and from these previews, deduce and compile a short-list of properties that best meet your requirements.

5. Written report

- We take digital photographs and provide a written commentary on aspects of each of the short-listed properties for you to consider.

6. Accompany you on private viewings

- We will arrange and accompany you on private viewings of those properties in which you are interested, at which time specific merits and demerits of each property can be more fully discussed.

7. Conduct comparative sales analysis and advise on appropriate offer range

- In the event that you wish to make an offer on a property, we will fully discuss this with you and advise on appropriate price ranges. We will undertake a comparative market price analysis where possible to provide you with reassurance about the suitability of your offer.

8. Liaise and advise on all negotiations with agent and vendor/represent you at auction

- We will handle all negotiations with the agent/vendor on your behalf in order to obtain the best possible price for you. Alternatively, it may be that we represent you at auction, a process which can in itself be baffling and requires careful consideration in order to achieve a favourable outcome. It may be that a tender is called for in which case we will advise you on its preparation.

9. Advise on property file inspections, title searches, LIM reports, council compliance issues and arrange building inspections and valuation reports

- A number of due diligence issues will inevitably need to be considered to validate the worth of your property and weed out potential problems, which we can assist you with in conjunction with a legal adviser.

10. Introduce you to pre-approved accounting, legal professionals and lenders

- We have a number of relationships with trustworthy suppliers of legal and accounting services which are aimed at ensuring that the purchasing process is as smooth as possible for you and that your tax and ownership structures are organised appropriately. If you require a mortgage, we will arrange introductions to lenders who are able to provide a service that best matches your needs.

11. Advise and oversee transaction until completion

- Once you have entered into an unconditional agreement for purchase, we will oversee all aspects leading up to completion including liaising with other service providers, completing pre-settlement inspections on your behalf, collecting keys etc and ensuring that the process proceeds to completion as easily and as swiftly as possible.

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Keywords: Property Search