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By: Hemingway Partners  06-Dec-2011

We have significant real-world expertise and capabilities for helping start-ups and entrepreneurs define, develop and launch new products and businesses……

We understand the journey that start-ups take from idea to saleable, marketable product. We also understand the mistakes and challenges that cause many new start-ups to either fail outright or fall short of achieving the market success they expect and deserve. In partnership with Massey University we have developed a range of programs and capabilities that support entrepreneurs and start up businesses.

We  offer a range of structured programs and solutions that minimize the cost, risk and time of getting to market, as well as assisting start-up’s diagnose market problems and achieve growth. We run an intensive, 90 day incubation program through Massey Universities e-centre for entrepreneurs able to dedicate themselves to launching a new venture or taking an existing business to a new level.

We also provide consulting and coaching services targeted specifically for the unique requirements of start-ups. Services include Visual Business Planning, Market Validation, Customer Development and Prototyping. With the combined resources of Hemingway, Massey University and e-centre we are in a unique position to contribute to your start-up.

In addition, we also work with private and syndicated investors to assist with due diligence, market validation, business model development & validation and helping under-performing investments get back on track.

With a range of services on offer we encourage you to give us a call for a no-obligation discussion about your specific needs and requirements.

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