Information Services

By: Healthalliance  06-Dec-2011

This is the biggest service within healthAlliance and it provides the following sub- services:

  • Application services
  • Professional services – consulting and project management
  • Security services
  • Server and storage services
  • Support services – facility commissioning, reporting support, training, service delivery, service desk, software licensing, user passwords and account management

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About Us

The main reasons for creating healthAlliance were to reduce duplication and increase efficiency of key services across four of the largest DHBs in New Zealand through the sharing of ideas and systems. Shared services are about dividing the costs, risks and rewards of joint ventures. Sharing is more than centralising.


Procurement and Supply Chain

Arranging suppliers, planning procurement, administering tenders, clinical consultation, contract development, legal advice, supplier relationship management. Distribution of goods from receiving area to delivery point. Relationship management for third party logistics providers. Requisitioning of goods to placement of orders.