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By: Hampden Fence  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Security, Fence, Perimeter Protection

Profiles & Configurations

ArmourFence™ Spearhead profile is used predominantly in commercial or light industrial applications

ArmourFence™ Trident significantly increases the deterrent level

Outrigger Pales [NEW]

A new pale offering 'Outrigger' security, while maintaining a level of economy, is proving to be popular in medium security applications.

Manufactured from the standard Spearhead or Trident pale but incorporating a 30 degree bend 400mm from the top, this pale design is ideal for perimeter protection of sites such as Schools, medium risk commercial and industrial installations and motor vehicle storage.

Outrigger Retrofit

To allow for upgrading existing standard pale fencing and outrigger retrofit is available. The outrigger sections are fitted on site with no disruption to normal security.

Electric Wires

Electric wires can be included with most of the ArmourFence™ configurations.


Material Choices

ArmourFence™ is available in three choices of material:

  • 2mm Pre-galvanised Steel
    This provides the smoothest surface finish and best appearance when powder coated.
  • 2mm Black Steel hot dip galvanised
    Ideal where smooth finish is not a priority but high corrosion resistance is.
  • 3mm Black Steel
    This is by far the strongest. It will withstand ramming from a 4WD vehicle. For extra corrosion resistance in virtually any environment it can be hot dip galvanised.

Standard Fence Heights

Standard manufactured heights are 1.8M, 2.35M and 3M. Any fence up to 2.35M does not require local body approval.

Ground Contours

ArmourFence™ can cope with undulating ground conditions and slopes.

ArmourFence™ can be fitted to cover a small depression and slopes of up to 45 degrees can be catered for in construction.


ArmourFence™ Palisade is fabricated into 2.7m long panels which allows for the total removal of individual panels solving possible future access problems and individual components may be replaced in the event of damaged by attempted vehicle penetration etc.

The tamper-proof bolting system for the rails and pales allows for the ArmourFence™ Palisade fence to follow ground contours of up to 15 degrees while still keeping all pales vertical, eliminating the need to step panels and preventing gaps.

Various add-on security may be included or retrofitted to suit the application, including Razor wire or Electrical wires.

Simple to install, the individual components are hot dip galvanised prior to leaving our factory and no further welding, cutting or drilling is necessary, ensuring total corrosion protection and minimising installation time and costs.

ArmourFence™ comes with a 10 Year Structural Guarantee.

Keywords: Fence, Perimeter Protection, Security

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