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By: Hale Hamilton  06-Dec-2011
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Solenoid Valve

Since our inception in 1947, we have been in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing, supplying and supporting high performance components that are required to perform under highly critical conditions. These conditions are in the main made up of flow, cleanliness and pressure, and all of our products satisfy our worldwide defence and industrial customer’s demanding technical requirements. Our industrial business is focused on a range of business sectors. These include Industrial Gas, which has high pressure cylinder filling and gas supply systems; and Alternative Fuelling, which has vehicle fuelling applications and gas supply systems. In fact whatever industry needs a pressure valve or regulator for the accurate control of high pressure gases and liquids, we have the necessary products to ensure that the relief and the reducing of such elements can be taken care of accurately and safely. Our oxygen, air and nitrogen charging equipment can be seen in use today with civilian operators, Airforce and ground support units all over the world, which is testament to the quality of our products. So if you are representing such an organisation then you are welcome to peruse the site and look for items that may be of use.

A Range of Advanced Products

Our unique technology has been developed and applied for handling CNG, or Compressed Natural Gas, where it is essential to have solutions that are compact and integrated in nature. Our regulators have been integrated into skid based packages and manifolds for CNG filling stations where the like of buses and taxis come to refuel their vehicles. In many parts of the world, this low cost and clean burning compressed natural gas can be found in abundance, and governments across the world are now encouraging its use in both industrial and automotive applications.

If you are using a system that requires an oxygen valve we are confident that you will find the right products for your needs.

If you are using a system that requires built in directional control we are confident that you will find the right products for your needs.

We are fully aware that there is a wide variety of OEM applications in which the safe control and accuracy of high pressure liquids and gases is crucial, which is why we have an extensive selection of packaged systems and manifolds coupled with high pressure regulators for our client base to choose from. However, if you are in need of a product and cannot find it on the website then please get in touch.

Experience and Expertise in Abundance

As the market leaders in the design, manufacturing and development of packaged systems and high pressure component regulators that are used within the industrial gas industry you would not be surprised to learn that our products range from some fairly standard off-the-shelf components right through to very specific engineered solutions. In addition, we offer installation and commissioning services for all our products, and a through life support guarantee.

As well as providing spring loaded pressure regulators made from stainless steel and packaged systems for use with saturation diving systems, we also have industrial pneumatic solenoid valve components, which demonstrate our versatile and diverse range of products. We are fully aware of the demanding requirements that customers have, which is why, given our years of experience, knowledge base and highly trained professional workforce, we are perfectly suited to be your ideal partner. We are always keen to take on new projects and to discuss your specific needs to ensure that you are able to compete well in your given area of expertise. So if you think that we have the skills and the products to help you then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

At the Forefront of Our Field

We were originally established as a defence contractor and over the 60 plus years of our existence we have evolved to be at the cutting edge of professionally engineered solutions, all of which are project managed from inception through to delivery. Everything that we create is manufactured and tested in-house and our quality assurance standards are regularly audited by our customers. So if you are in need of a solenoid operated valve that will work to a high level of performance or any other product for that matter, then you can rest assured that it will be supported and developed throughout its lifespan. We are especially proud of the work that we have done on naval ships and submarines, where we have great breadth and strength and a most noteworthy track record. Across the world the provision of regulators and systems at supply pressures that typically range from 6,000psi down to less than 100psi have been made, and you are free to investigate these before making a purchase of a flow check valve or something similar. In addition, we have included a thorough description of all of our products on the website so that you can make an informed decision.

Up to the Test

In addition to naval ships and submarines, our systems, products and support services for the control, distribution, containment and application of compressed fluids and gases can also be found being widely used in ground support applications for aircraft, plus they can also be found in artillery equipment and military vehicles. We have given plenty of detail about the markets that we serve with reference to the products and system applications used in such markets. So, for example, if you serve in an Airforce ground support unit somewhere in the world, you will find that we have charging equipment for air, oxygen and nitrogen, which features relief, reducing, and regulator capabilities. A specialist high pressure valve for hydraulic and gas application can be found on towed artillery.  These can be used in other specialist applications on army vehicles including thermal imaging, variable ride height suspension and missile directional control. Whether pure air, nitrogen gas, hydraulic oil or hot gas, they have been specially designed to withstand the demands of challenging environments. We are a very well established supplier of such products and we have equipment which is fitted on the Challenger 2 main battle tank.

Surpassing Expectations

Our industrial market customers are today benefiting from the progress that has recently been made in innovative fluid control systems design. Areas such as gas turbine control and industrial gas filling have applications that are providing developments that feature automated component control such as Automated Cylinder Filling. As new fluid control systems and products are continually being introduced, our growth in certain markets will continue, and a large part of our resource has been dedicated to this activity. Such resource comes in the form of dedicated development workshops, with experienced design and development engineers, who will ensure that if our customers demand a new form of HP compressed air valve, then it will soon be made available. As a design authority, with staff who are knowledgeable, experienced and committed, we are able to provide a comprehensive package of products and support services that are competitively priced. In addition they are made to the necessary levels of quality and are delivered on time, with a full support backup of spares and service.

Through innovation of development and design we are confident of meeting our customers’ expectations whilst ensuring a future with the Circor International, Inc Group of Companies.

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Keywords: Gas, Ground Support

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