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By: Greenpeace  06-Dec-2011

Crimes against forests such as deforestation are happening in places like Indonesia and the Amazon every day. Help us investigate and expose the companies on the ground who destroy the rainforest, and those around the world who trade products, such as soya or beef, that are grown or raised on destroyed land.


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Exposing companies and their complicity in rainforest destruction is a vital part of our forest campaign. It shows the world how organisations are failing to ensure that their suppliers are accountable and therefore implicated in forest crimes. Producing a crime file on McDonald’s in 2006 led to them supporting our call for a moratorium on Amazon destruction for growing soya. This gift will help us conduct the research and undercover investigation needed for crime files, including obtaining trade data, company documents, photographs and satellite analysis of forest areas.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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