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By: Grafton  06-Dec-2011
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How do you ensure that your business delivers on its strategy? With a limited budget, which HR initiatives are going to provide the greatest organisational impact and value? Does Human Resources have a role in driving business success, and if so what role? These are just some of the questions many of our clients have been grappling with. Grafton Assist’s track record of answering these questions with no nonsense, practical action is what our clients say makes us unique.

Fundamentally, Grafton Assist is about business success. It is about understanding what your business will need to achieve the goals that have been set. This requires a strong focus and understanding of how businesses operate, what challenges they face and what issues might potentially be slowing them down. This commercial focus makes us different in that we offer advice that is rooted in reality; advice that has been tested in a range of organisations and industries facing a multitude of issues.

Grafton Assist is not just another provider of consulting services. We don’t just deliver projects off the shelf, from one transaction to the next. Our point of difference is in the relationship we have with our clients; we become part of your organisation. We do this by first ensuring clarity around what the organisation is looking to achieve, and understanding the people-related issues standing between where the organisation is now and where it wants to be in the future. It is the combination of this understanding with our team’s business acumen and track record of success that will make the difference for your business. 

Our highly skilled and experienced team of senior HR practitioners have the insight and experience to respond to your needs, adding real value to your organisation. Treat us as your sole HR team or boost your current HR team with our expertise. We’ll do as little or as much as is required, and while we’re doing it we’ll help you achieve commercial success through better organisational performance.

Grafton Assist will:

  • Act as your in-house Human Resources function
  • Boost your existing team, at a senior, intermediate or junior level, partnering with you to deliver out-sourced Human Resources Support.

Grafton Assist can:

  • Provide an aligned Human Resources plan for the next 12 months or more
  • Provide all your Human Resources functions including: employment relations, performance management, recruitment, strategic workforce planning, job design, training, policy design etc
  • Create & manage change
  • Drive success.

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Keywords: Human Resources

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