Safe and convenient access to your attic or ceiling space with a Gorter scissor stair attic ladder

Safe and convenient access to your attic or ceiling space with a Gorter scissor stair attic ladder from Gorter Hatches

By: Gorter Hatches  04-Nov-2009
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Gorter has for many years been the leading supplier of attic ladders, scissor stairs and other access ladders throughout Europe and their entire range is now available throughout New Zealand, Australia  and the Middle East. The Gorter range of scissor stairs is perhaps the most convenient, durable and cost effective access system for access to both industrial and domestic attics and ceiling spaces. Catering for most ceiling heights, Gorter attic ladders/scissor stairs are made from durable aluminium, and are housed in a high strength wooden casing with a hinged ceiling panel which can be finished to match the existing ceiling. The attic ladder is counterbalanced and its light-weight construction makes operation practically effortless.

Gorter attic ladders are load tested up to 450kg and thus suitable for practically any domestic or industrial application. Gorter attic ladders are suitable for suspended ceilings and can be supplied with a patented plenum system which spans the gap between the ceiling and roof whilst maintaining the gradient of the original attic ladder. Operation of the attic ladder requires less than 3kg of force and the adjustable anti skid steps and telescopic handrails ensure it is a safe and convenient access solution. All Gorter scissor stair attic ladders are safety approved by Aboma Keboma (licensed assessor) in accordance with International standards EN 1050, EN-ISO 14122-3.

Standard features include:
-Hook and eye
-Stair guide control system
-Telescopic Handrail (can be mounted left or right)
-High strength
adjustable anti-skid aluminium steps
-Counter balanced (less than 3kg-force required for operation)
-Safety Approval Report (EN-ISO 14122-3) available
-Padlock hasp to lock attic ladder into place

Optional Features include:
-Fire rating (60 minutes fire rated - type EI-60 – opening size: 700mm x 1200mm)
-Extension for floor to ceiling heights greater than 3000mm (not available for type:small)
-Plenum extension for suspended ceilings without changing gradient of steps (Max ceiling to roof           height: 1200mm)
-Dual handrails (Standard on type:XL)
-Electrical operation

Gorter Attic ladders can be conveniently combined with a Gorter roof hatch to provide a complete access solution.

With other options often costing many thousands of dollars in manufacture and installation, Gorter attic ladder scissor stairs are a convenient and cost effective alternative, guaranteed to be the cheapest in Australia.^

^For product comparable in quality and features

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