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By: Gorgi  06-Dec-2011

If you're searching for unique, contemporary (sometimes vintage inspired) baby products then we hope you will be pleased you've discovered Gorgi Baby. Here you'll be introduced to Gorgi’s tasteful simplicity and collections that will transgress fashion changes.

Gorgi Baby is all about high quality bedding and blankets that are soft and luxurious for the most precious of bundles. And it's about those items be upstanding to years of family life and being passed on to further generations, bringing to life memories of the all the love and change a new baby brings. Find something special in our baby range:

Dear Mum and Dad,

I write this letter to you in hopes that you will consider your approach to parenting me before I arrive. I am a joyous child. I thrive on love and respect, order and consistency. When I arrive, I will seem very small to you. Even though I don't look like an adult, please understand that I am a human being.

Even though I will not speak words to you, I will know you with my heart. I will feel all your feelings, absorb your thoughts. I will come to know you more than you may know yourself. Do not be misled by my silence. I am open, growing and learning more rapidly than you can imagine.

I will make imprints of all that I see, so please give me beauty to rest my eyes upon. I will record all that I hear, so please give me sweet music and language that tells me how much I am loved. Give me silence to rest my ears. I will absorb all that I feel, so please wrap our life in love.

I am waiting patiently to be with you. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be alive. Maybe when you see me you will remember how precious life is too!

Your Joyous Child

Author Donna McDermott

Other products and services from Gorgi


Gorgi Baby - Merino Aircell Blankets. A baby essential. 100% NZ Made

Gorgi's Baby Essentials Cot Blanket measures 1100 x 1200m and is generously sized to fit a regular American Cot. We chose Merino as it is a super-fine and non-irritant wool that's incredibly lightweight and warm. Unlike man made fibres, merino 'breathes', and is naturally resistant to flame, dirt and creasing.


Gorgi Baby - Cot quilts, duvet/doona covers to keep baby safe and snug

Made of a 300 thread count 100% cotton percale, our duvet covers are designed using the safest options on the market, so as to limit any risk. Gorgi cot quilts and duvet covers will keep baby safe and snug.


Gorgi Baby - Vintage Inspired Merino Shawls. 100% NZ Made

The incredibly fine fibres 'breathe' and their natural properties prevent the build-up of uncomfortable humidity, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Gorgi's founder Kirstin Bailey designed this particular baby blanket taking inspiration from her late Grandmothers crochet and knitting patterns.. This is a special little gem that can easily pass as one of those old school delicate hand knits for that extra special little bundle'.


Gorgi Kidsroom - Plywood wall art for your child's room. 100% NZ Made

The wall art can be applied to the wall with Blu-tack, Velcro dots or similar self adhesive product (depending on wall finish). See how great they look left natural, or paint or varnish them depending on your decor. Get creative with Gorgi's die cut, plywood wall art.