Where do I start if I want to buy gold and silver in New Zealand?

Where do I start if I want to buy gold and silver in New Zealand? from Gold Survival Guide

By: Gold Survival Guide  19-Oct-2010
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Where do I start if I want to buy gold and silver in New Zealand?  Well for starters, go to our website and start reading about this fast approaching currency war, and why you need to position yourself in gold and silver.

Plus, who do you trust out there?

Save yourself time and money as we have sourced the best silver and gold prices in New Zealand.  It's quite a mission phoning around for silver and gold prices when quotes only last for a few hours. Then there is the questions of "trust", and "what is the purity of the gold and silver like"

We do all the hard work for you and have found the best silver supplier in NZ (approx 10% above spot or 11% delivered), the best gold bar supplier at around 4.5% per ounce or 3% for larger orders, and the best gold and silver 1oz coin supplier.

We have personally done business with all 3 suppliers and know they operate to the highest levels of standards.

Our intergrity and customer service is what sets up apart.  We are the experts in knowing about gold and silver in NZ.

Just so you know who we are.

Read up about us in our about page on our website at http:goldsurvivalguide.co.nz

Head to our website and read up about this upcoming financial crisis. 

What is the main reason why you have searched for our site?

The answer lies somewhere in the belief that the world financial structure is unsound, and that paper currencies are not worth the ink they are printed on.

Buying gold and silver is one way to preserve your purchasing power.

Hope to hear from you

Our website is exactly where you should read up on if you are seriously looking to buy Gold and Silver in NZ.

Some of the valuable information you get is:

1/ Get Live NZ Gold and NZ Silver prices It's important to know the price in NZ dollars when picking the time to make your purchase.

2/ We offer competitive gold and silver prices in NZ and will guide you through the process of buying gold and silver in NZ if you are new to this investment type. 

3/ Hopefully we have gained your trust with our knowledge that we write on our website.

We get asked a lot of questions.  And one critical one is.......

How can I be reassured that my funds are in safe hands and that these suppliers can be trusted to get my gold and silver to me?

Answer: Remember you are putting the funds direct into the suppliers bank account.  These suppliers are highly reputable and have been around for many years.  You are most welcome to check them out with a phone call, or to pick the gold and silver up yourself.  Otherwise, put a bank cheque into their account to purchase your gold and silver.

Another question is about the goods getting to the customers destination fully insured.
All gold and silver is fully insured throughout New Zealand, and sent out via a plain package to your desired delivery address.

We use three suppliers as all have different prices and we are here to help you out as looking after the customer.

We use one supplier for Gold:
This supplier sells 999.9% pure NZ gold bars in 1oz, 2oz, 5oz, 10oz and 1kg sizes.

We use one supplier for Silver:
This supplier sells 99.9% pure NZ silver bars in 1 kg and 5kg sizes.

We use one supplier for 1oz gold and silver coins.

To request a gold and silver quote please call David on 0274-401-113 or email me on [email protected]

I will respond to your quote or question about buying gold and silver very promptly

Our website is full of artilces written by some of the great minds of the world.  (Not your mainstream press).
Within the site you will learn critical reasons why buying gold and silver in NZ is essential to your investment needs. (Paper wealth vs actual money)
We have an 8 part FREE e-course: You will learn such things as:

Why this financial crisis is occuring before your eyes?
Why paper currencies are eroding your purchasing powers?
How to buy gold and silver in NZ?
When to buy gold and silver in NZ?
What kind of gold and silver to buy in NZ?
How much gold and silver to buy in NZ?
Your options for gold and silver storage in NZ?

Please visit http://goldsurvivalguide.co.nz/members/ecourse.php to get access to a free 8 part eCourse and learn why buying gold and silver in NZ is your must have insurance and 9 ways to profit from it.
History shows that there are certain times in history when gold and silver offers significant protection and potential for profit as an investment. At Gold Survival Guide you will learn how we are currently living through one of these times.
Gold Survival Guide offers tips and information on buying and investing in Gold and Silver in New Zealand.
The three of us between us have spent over 24 years of research and investment in the Gold and Silver sector. This includes investing in gold and silver bullion or physical gold and silver (coins and bars), shares in gold and silver mining companies, and gold futures.
For the latest gold and silver news and news about the unfolding of this financial crisis from around the world, visit us at http://www.facebook.com/goldsurvivalguide or email David at [email protected] or just pick up the phone and have a chat with me on 0274401113

We are only an email away.  Ask us any question you need to know before buying gold and silver in NZ.  Questions will be answered ASAP.


Emailing is the best way to request a quote; remember to say you want it delivered anywhere in NZ or picked up in Auckland.   Just request the number of gold ounces or 1kg silver bars or number of gold and silver coins you want.

Phone Call:
pick up the phone and have a chat with me on 0274-401-113
You can even call me in the weekend, but not during the rugby. lol

Hope this summary helps a little. 

And, yes, we know how important this topic is to you and your families. 

Lastly, if you have no position in the gold and silver market, the best way to start is to buy a bit now; maybe a third now to get positioned, then another third on weakness, and hold the last third for more weakness. However, markets don't always go the way you want, so this 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 approach is not a bad one.  Just keep a little ammunition dry for any severe corrections.

Another way to get into this investment is to buy regularly on a monthly basis regardless of price.  In this way you take the emotion of price out of the equation.  So you will buy regardless if the price is high, or the price is low.

Finally, think of accumulating ounces/kilos of gold and silver and store it away safely. We can give advise on security options as well.

All the best

0800 888 GOLD

Keywords: Gold Bullion, Silver Prices