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By: Go Study Abroad  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Networking, Bank, Seminars

India (Pre – Landing)

  • In-depth counselling
    Assist the students to select the right course at the most suitable university. Using our database, GSA can help students put together a tailor made study plan to suit all budgets. Email communications and Web based seminars are available to students who have limited access to our offices.
  • Student visa
    GSA has excellently placed through our network to provide assistance through trouble free and guaranteed visa application.
  • English training/IELTS
    GSA provides Basic English training, to help students meet the requisite proficiency within a time frame.
  • Bank Loan
    GSA has good working relationships with many banks across India and is experienced to negotiate the best student loan.
  • Flight ticket booking
    GSA helps the students with their ticket booking and any aspect of travelling within the UK or Europe.
  • Pre-departure briefings
    We help the students to prepare for studying abroad. In addition to seminars, we also provide students access to a wealth of information to help them prepare for life in a foreign country.
  • Induction Pack
    GSA will provide information about the city where the student wishes to study.
  • Accommodation Support
    Through our head office in Scotland and branch office in New Zealand, we can help arrange suitable accommodation to suit a range of student budgets.
  • Networking, Social opportunities
    GSA helps the students establish contact with other students, before or throughout their stay in abroad.

Abroad (Post Landing Services)

  • On Arrival
    GSA acknowledges that some things are unfamiliar to students when they arrive. With this in mind one of our office staff will meet the new student to ensure they do not encounter any problems on arrival.

  • Part time Jobs (If required)
    With our offices in the UK and New Zealand we can advise on searching for part time jobs, GSA helps relieve students of this time consuming and stressful process, thus allowing students to concentrate on their studies.
  • Networking
    GSA holds events and seminars with locally based part-time students who are ideally suited to mentor. Our contacts may bring to your attention any vacancies that are as yet unadvertised. As well as enjoyment and social interaction our goal with these events is to make contacts aware of who you are and what you are looking for.
  • Banks
    Through our networks we help the students to open bank accounts in the country they choose to study.
  • Familiar support
    GSA will keep regular contact with students and their families throughout their studies.

Keywords: Bank, Networking, Part Time Jobs, Seminars