Hearing aid accessories: ReSound Unite Mini Microphone

By: Gn Resound  06-Dec-2011
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For Professionals  

For Professionals  

The ReSound UniteTM Mini Microphone extends the reach of your patients’ hearing aids beyond the capabilities of any directional microphone. It is a portable voice and sound streamer to enhance one-on-one communication.

Easy to connect
  • Just turn it on, clip it on to the speaker’s clothes and voice is streamed directly to your patient’s hearing aids
  • Streams sound from any audio device with a 3.5 mm jack, be it Stereo, iPod, laptop or TV
  • Convenient when your patient is on the go – just place in front of the speakers of an audio device and let the microphone stream directly to the hearing aids
  • Just press the pairing button on the Mini Microphone, open and close the hearing aids’ battery doors within 20 seconds, and it pairs automatically
  • Pairing can also be facilitated with ReSound Aventa® 3 fitting software
Easy to use
  • The patient doesn’t have to wear any device but the hearing aids
  • The speaker can clip it onto his/her clothing or hang it from a lanyard
  • Reconnects automatically, if the speaker or listener leaves the range of the Mini Microphone and returns within 5 minutes
2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • A smart, robust and reliable standard that has a strong, clear and stable signal
  • Secure, private connection
  • With an unnoticeable 20ms (milliseconds) delay, it avoids issues related to lack of synchronization between sound and image

Keywords: Hearing Aids

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