Google Analytics from GlobalInfo Ltd

Google Analytics from GlobalInfo Ltd from GlobalInfo Ltd

By: GlobalInfo Ltd  07-Oct-2009
Keywords: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Metrics

Website is one of the most powerful tools to keep your clients and prospects updated on the products and services you offer. This also places your business on competitive online market.

The Vital information that helps you develop your business strategy and investing marketing can easily be analysed using GoogleAnalytics - A web metrics tool from Google.

Some of the things you can achieve by using GoogleAnalytics are:

  • Analyse where your traffic is coming from (region wise)
  • Analyse the total time spent on a specific page of your website
  • Compare the statistics from previous days (or months)
  • Analyse why there is rise or fall in number of visitors over a period of time?
  • What keywords visitors type in Google to find you?
  • If you invest in online marketing like Adwords, what is your ROI (Return on Investment)?

GlobalInfo has been serving clients to optimize their websites for Google andother major search engines. Our SEO () package contains GoogleAnalytics installation andconfiguration.

We have started GoogleAnalytics as a seperate service where we will focus onhelping clients make their decisions based on analytics reports.

GlobalInfo team has now a GoogleAnalytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)certificate holder. This certification is provided by Google upon successfulcompletion of test which requires advanced GoogleAnalytics skills.

To find more about GoogleAnalytics and how we can help you, please email .

Keywords: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Metrics