By: Getparticipants  06-Dec-2011

Use the guide below to help guide your decision on which categories to choose for your study.


  • Your study must belong to either the "SCIENTIFIC STUDIES" or the "CONSUMER STUDIES" head category
  • Your study may also belong to multiple sub-categories of that head category only


If ethical approval was required for your study, then select this head category

Treatments and Interventions

If your study is offering a potentially meaningful intervention then select this category. This would not include early phase clinical trials. Studies may be for symptomatic or asymptomatic individuals and RCT designs are fine.

Healthy Volunteers Wanted

If you believe that a good proportion of the general public that meet your demographic criteria may be eligible then this category is right for you. This category can include common conditions or criteria such as body mass indicies, drinking, smoking, or exercise habbits.

Questionnaires and Interviews

If your research is observational and does not require any changes to your participants way of life nor require clinical assessment then select this category.

Experimental Research

If your study is looking at a novel or adapted intervention or a an existing intervention in a novel setting then select this category.

Assessments and Measures

While all research involves measures, this category is for studies that are including measures that are relevant to the participants, are common medical or physical practice, can be diagnostic, or that are informative. Measures such as scans, bloods, muscle and nerve, heart and brain tests would be included in this category.

Clinical Trials

If you are investigating new medications or medical devices then this category may be appropriate for your study.

Health Professionals Wanted

This category is suitable for studies that are seeking health care professionals, either as participants or as research assistants.

For Children

If your study is recruiting individuals under 16 years of age then select this category and leave the age and gender criteria and "ANY".


If ethical approval was not required then select this category

Online Surveys

If your applicants are able to conduct the research without leaving their computer then select this category.

Focus Groups

If you are seeking individuals to create a focus group, then select this category.

Product Sampling

If you are offering free products or services then select this category.