Hardware Supply

By: Get It Here  06-Dec-2011

Business Laptops, Corporate Desktops, and Small Business Servers

Whether it's full computer systems, servers, laptops or accessories, we search New Zealand's major IT distributors to ensure our clients get the right equipment at the best price. We don’t always source the cheapest. We choose equipment with the best value for money, meaning it will perfectly suit your needs and provide you with the best possible performance.

Retail stores sell products designed for consumers, not businesses, which means you'll often end up spending more money kitting them out. Talk to us before buying anything. We'll help you save time, money and headaches with equipment that fits you perfectly.

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We add an agent to your server that displays issues on our incident board, so we receive up to the minute data on how the machine is tracking and reactive support can be done as fast as possible, while also regularly maintaining the server so that it runs optimally. We add your desktop or laptop to our incident board and receive up to the minute data on how the machine is tracking so that reactive support can be done as fast as possible.


Backup Systems

Our backup systems scale smoothly in price and capacity, from handling very small offices of two or three people to large businesses of more than twenty servers and fifty people. After eight years of rigorous testing we trust and use the StorageCraft Shadowprotect backup system, which can restore a completely failed system very quickly. Rather than outdated, slow backup tapes, we use network hard drives, and offsite storage.