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By: Get Console  05-Apr-2012
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Weve been hard at work on the next release of Get Console - v1.75 is a big update (for us). Look out for it in the next week or so - heres whats new:

 - New powerful scripting engine - easily create login scripts that do more than just send username and password - our script manager offers a fully featured "expect X, respond with Y" style script creation tool, along with the ability to start, stop and auto-upload log files. We have plenty more features to come as well for scripting - this is just the start.

- Import your SecureCRT and PuTTY connection / session files into Get Console - meaning all that time you spent creating those saved connections on your PC or Mac hasn't gone to waste when you take your iPad to site instead of your laptop

- Many enhancements to the Serial Terminal - local echo, hard code linewrap, 7 bit serial support, 

- 18 new encodings, including support for UTF-8 and other multi-byte character encodings - strangely enough a Japanese and Chinese localization is now possible to go with our current Korean one.

- SSH Keys can now be imported more easily via the clipboard

- All saved configurations, script files and logs are visible and editable via upload/download from iTunes

- Many many bug fixes - especially in the Connection Manager - sorry if this has been frustrating some users

Now that v1.75 has gone to Apple, were hoping they will approve it very soon and we look forward to your feedback. In the meantime we have started work already on version 1.80 - look out for that in April..

Keywords: Console

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Get Console for Cisco, Juniper, HP and other network gear

However, its scrolling was sluggish, it didn't support 57,600 bps, and it occasionally crashed if I had recently plugged in the cable, especially when first starting the app. I used the previous version a lot on my iPad, and it was invaluable not to have to open my laptop all the time.