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By: Geosmart  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fleet Management, Mapping Data

GeoSmart provides mapping data for leading Fleet Management applications in New Zealand as well as a growing number of countries and regions overseas. We support both client-server and web based systems. 

We have fully driven road centreline dataset, which will eliminate all paper roads (roads that have been drafted but not constructed). GeoSmart can also provide with the full dataset of all public and private roads in New Zealand. This data allows businesses to claim back road user charges, when they are not on public roads.

Using leading edge technology such as RAPIDcV (Road Attributes, Point of Interest, Imagery Data Capture Vehicle) Geosmart are now available to re-map NZ roads to around 15cm accuracy. The RAPIDcV has a series of cameras monitoring all aspects of the road and its surroundings, including capturing road furniture, such as street signs and intersection controls, as well as Points of Interest (POI). The data collected by RAPIDcV also measures the camber of corners which may be used for truck safety to alert drivers to take extra caution on road corner where the camber angle is not optimal.

Brands supported include:


We also support many bespoke developers and corporate clients with Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking.

If you have a requirement for a mapping dataset or a geospatial solution that supports a Fleet Management System, either as a supplier or as an end user, please call us. As a data supplier to the manufacturers of Fleet Management Systems and not a vendor of the technology we do not have a brand bias.

Keywords: Fleet Management, Mapping Data

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