Membrane Filtration Pilot Plant - Model M

By: Gea Filtration  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Stainless Steel, Control Systems, Operating Conditions

Model M Membrane Filtration Plant

The unique features of the Model M include:

  • simple and modular design allowing for effective and efficient feasibility testing
  • flexible design allowing for membrane screening across a full range of membrane formats
  • compact design for testing of very small product batches
  • available in fully customizable designs

Standard Features

  • 15 liter balance tank with electronic level transmitter
  • One lab-size spiral wound membrane housing
  • One lab-size ceramic membrane housing
  • Feed pump with 1 HP variable speed drive
  • Tubular heat exchanger
  • Inlet and outlet pressure gauges
  • Temperature indicator
  • Manual flow control valves
  • Flow indicators: one permeate, one concentrate
  • Assembled on a tubular stainless steel base with casters

Optional Items

  • Other membrane configurations (stainless steel, hollow fiber)
  • High pressure operation
  • Steam sterilization
  • Hazardous area or explosion-proof construction
  • Automated control systems
  • Electropolished finish

Operating Conditions

Pressure: upto 6 bar (87 psig)
Temperature: upto 93° C (200°F)
Flow: upto 1000 l/hr (4.4 GPM)

Model M Membrane Filtration Plant

Keywords: Ceramic Membrane, Control Systems, Membrane Filtration, Operating Conditions, Stainless Steel,

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