Gabb Associates - Cost Reduction Specialists

By: Gabb Associates  06-Dec-2011

With our non-invasive approach, we assist in strategic reviews of non-core expense categories with a view to obtaining bottom line savings and efficiency gains.

  • Telecommunications incl. mobile, voice & data
  • Print communications
  • Waste removal
  • PABX services
  • Office products
  • Power
  • Photocopiers

We often find that operational staff are very busy with day-to-day operational issues and either do not have the time or up to date knowledge of the market and therefore not able to drive maximum benefit from a strategic review in these non-core expense categories.

We know procurement in the strategically important categories very well in the New Zealand market and you will drive maximum leverage through using our services.

In terms of our fee structure, there are a number of options in our fee schedule menu ranging from a set fee through to sharing the efficiency gains achieved. We leave the decision to our clients to choose which option they prefer to remunerate us.