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By: Furr Kids Essentials  06-Dec-2011

Full inventory for the Doggy Ride should be back in stock mid May, with the addition of the Doggy Ride Mini perfect for small dogs or even the cat.  This is a really popular size and very easy to travel with.  Our last lot of Doggy Ride Minis came in and out before we even got them onsite. 

A comment below from Carol of South Auckland who purchased the Mini for her Bishons:

"The Doggyride is great!! Thank you we love it as a trailer and also a stroller---it has changed our lives with one of our dogs with arthritis-now we can go on long walks and when she gets tired we put her in the stroller. Chloe lets me know when she wants to get in by going to the back of it and putting her front legs up in there then I lift her in. When she wants to get out she taps the front with her paw and we stop and I let her out for a walk etc. I took her into the rest home at the top of our road to show them all. All the residents were amazed by it!! So thanks again."

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