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Keywords: Waste, Environmentally Friendly, Climate Change

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Waste from packaging is a global problem. The Potatopak patented manufacturing process actually uses waste from Potato processing, emits no noxious fumes or toxins. No oil or petrochemicals are used like in plastics and Potatopak does not use huge amounts of energy or any chemicals to bleach and process like paper and fiber-based products. Potatopak products are stronger and more rigid than Polystyrene and have great insulation properties.

Potatopak NZ is an innovative multi award winning world leader in the design and manufacture of packaging that is Biodegradable during Composting. Did you know that between 10,000 and 20,000 tones of starch are discharged down our drains in NZ every year! And NZ imports about the same amount. What a waste and something that is easily fixed with some investment.

Environmental Benefits

Potatopak products are environmentally friendly on every level. Potatoes, on their journey from spud to chips or potato chips, are processed with large amounts of water that turns white from the starch. The starch is extracted from this ‘waste stream’ so the water can be recycled, another environmental benefit. The extracted reclaimed starch is what Potatopak use to manufacture the range. Even the small amount of waste produced during manufacture is given to the local Pig Farmer! But it does not end there, even CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere and O2 generated during the life cycle of the potatoes, a very positive contribution to the reduction of climate change emissions and the carbon footprint. During it’s lifecycle the starch used to make a single Potatopak Oval plate sequesters the amount of carbon dioxide contained in about 110m3 of the earth's atmosphere.


Potatopak is ideal as a disposable for serving all kinds of food; they are strong but will soften with wet food eventually (they are not yet suitable for hot soup). They can be frozen, micro waved for up to two minutes and heated in a conventional oven, but being potato they will burn if the oven is too hot. They are fine for gift packing storage of dry items or food but not storage of wet food. An inexpensive greaseproof paper can be used as a liner to extend the storage time for wet food and is available pre cut to size.

You can use Potatopak to ripen or store fruit or vegetables unlike plastics the Potatopak products are able to absorb some moisture and gasses. This can extend the storage life of fruit or vegetables. The plates or trays absorb a certain amount of moisture so fruit or vegetables will last longer without going moldy, as fungi do not thrive in a dry environment. The tray also absorbs gasses like Ethylene from fruit and vegetables that effect the ripening process.

Potatopak also specializes in custom industrial and commercial products. For example Potatopak have produced millions of bait holders that are stapled to a tree trunk containing biodegradable Rat and Possum bait. The advantage of this system allows for safer baiting, there is no indiscriminant use, water contamination or collateral damage, positioned well above ground to protect ground forages but below the branches to protect bird life. If there are no rodents or possums about it will all degrade.

A water resistant product for meat and fish packing trays and longer-term storage of wet foods and hot soups is under development.

Keywords: Climate Change, Environmentally Friendly, Starch, Waste

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