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By: Friendlypak  06-Dec-2011

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BioBag bags and films replace plastic yet they can be disposed of in composts, used for animal feed like a pig or worm farm or placed in a green waste collection, even sea creatures can digest BioBag’s. They can also be used in organic farm production and food contact applications. BioBag’s are manufactured from Mater-Bi; the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components such as GE (GMO) free cornstarch, vegetable oils and biodegradable polymer. All grades are compostable and biodegradable during composting and are manufactured from sustainable and renewable resources.. more info.

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No oil or petrochemicals are used like in plastics and Potatopak does not use huge amounts of energy or any chemicals to bleach and process like paper and fiber-based products. The plates or trays absorb a certain amount of moisture so fruit or vegetables will last longer without going moldy, as fungi do not thrive in a dry environment.



The lifecycle of trees contributes to very large volumes of CO2 being absorbed from the atmosphere and O2 generated, a very positive contribution to the reduction of climate change emissions and the carbon footprint. The cutlery can be composted, it is beneficial for compost because it provides structure for aeration and carbon, however it also makes great kindling so collecting them for someone with a fire is a good option.