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FileMaker is a rapid-development (RDE) database product. It is our first love (during office hours) and is quite simply the best database product in its class in the world. If you aren't familiar with databases, you can think of it as rather like a Meccano set. All the pieces are there, but it needs to be built into something, which is what we do. FileMaker have sold over 12 million copies worldwide in their 20 year history so the product is very well established and developed.

Powerful and flexible it supports cross-platform (Windows and Mac) deployments of 1 to 999 concurrent users (plus web users on top) and nothing else can touch it for development speed. We've used it in every industry from art galleries to sheep shearing and for all sorts of innovative systems. Many of our clients are running their mission-critical systems on FileMaker.

MoneyWorks™ Accounting Software

MoneyWorks is, in our opinion, the best small-to-medium accounting package on the market. It is locally made, has been around since 1992, is regularly updated and is very well-specified in the Gold version with extensive reporting capabilities.

Even better, MoneyWorks supports FileMaker with a plugin that lets us transfer data between the two systems. This brilliant innovation allows us to economically build customised enterprise systems that incorporate your special requirements, leave out all the excess capabilities of the more expensive enterprise systems, and retain the excellence of a very well developed accounting system.

If you are getting to the stage where you feel you have outgrown your accounting software and need to migrate to something bigger and more comprehensive, you should talk to us first. A MoneyWorks/FileMaker solution may be a substantially cheaper and more effective alternative.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Often our solutions are integrated with a corporate web site and so as part of our products we also sell web hosting and domain name registration services. Our hosting is Kiwi based and operates with 99.9% uptime, delivering all typical web services including SQL database hosting.

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Foundation can provide onsite or remote support options which include ad hoc service on a casual basis or formalised Service Level Agreements which guarantee priority service, response times and monthly time allowances. A custom-built software solution that runs across the internet, has the feature-rich interface of a desktop application and can be quickly and economically modified to suit your future requirements.