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By: Foundation Business Software  06-Dec-2011

FileMaker Hosting

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! A custom-built software solution that runs across the internet, has the feature-rich interface of a desktop application and can be quickly and economically modified to suit your future requirements.

This is an ideal solution for organisations with multiple offices, staff working from home or road warriors needing secure remote access. By combining advanced design techniques and the power of our high-speed data centre we can deliver solutions across the internet that perform like they were on your local network.

Our servers are located in the DataCentre building on the corner of Queen and Victoria St West. This is a secure, high-performance facility with all the major fibre-optic carriers coming into the building. Choose from shared servers or your own dedicated machine. We run regular backup schedules and can arrange offsite backups to suit your requirements.



Buy off the shelf software or develop your own? Is software the answer to your problems? What you want and what you need can be two completely different animals. Often you may not really know the answer to either question. Our consultancy services can guide you in the right direction. Our wide ranging industry knowledge, own real world business experience, together with our technical know-how provide a wealth of practical information for you to draw upon. Our focus is always on delivering the most effective solution at a realistic price, even if that means turning development work away by recommending other courses of action or the services of other organisations.


We develop software solutions for the SME market. These include complete solutions for managing the whole business and sub-systems for linking existing solutions and adding additional functionality. Sometimes they are clean-sheet projects developed from scratch, other times redevelopments of existing solutions.

We specialise in FileMakerâ„¢ development and all associated technologies including plug-ins and operating system relevant technologies such as the Command Line, VB Script, and Applescript. We also use and integrate with various SQL databases and associated web technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript).

We tend to favour the FileMaker database product as our primary tool simply because it is the best rapid development environment (RDE) available. On an apples-to-apples comparison, we would expect to be 50-80% faster developing a project in FileMaker compared to a project with an SQL backend. On complex projects this represents a considerable advantage. Further, the simple fact that it is so fast to work with, makes future modifications and enhancements viable at a level that competing platforms simply cannot match. Conversely, there are situations, where an SQL database is the preferred option. Either way, we will have no hesitation in advising you which is the best option for your needs.


Like any business resource your database users will need ongoing support to one degree or another. Foundation can provide onsite or remote support options which include ad hoc service on a casual basis or formalised Service Level Agreements (SLA) which guarantee priority service, response times and monthly time allowances.

If you are running FileMaker Server, we can set it up to advise us directly if there is a problem. In this way, we will generally know before you do if there is an issue and frequently have fixed it before you even know there is a problem.

While we are certified MoneyWorks Integration Partners, MoneyWorks support is a specialised area that usually ends up requiring more accounting expertise than technical know-how. We maintain close working relationships with MoneyWorks themselves and a number of their senior consultants and can ensure you always receive the professional standard of advice you require.

Although we do not get involved in the general provision and support of ICT services we maintain links with a number of well qualified individuals and companies that we refer upon request or as needed.

For larger projects, we are able to contract in contingency support arrangements. We enjoy cordial and professional relationships with a number of our peers and provide and receive support agreements on an ongoing basis.


SLA Support

For larger sites/solutions and also IT outsourcing providers, we can offer Service Level Agreements to suit your requirements. If your FileMaker solution is mission-critical and requires 24/7 priority support or you recognise that FileMaker development, support and administration is outside your core competency envelope, then Foundation is the ideal support partner to keep your solution running sweetly.

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This brilliant innovation allows us to economically build customised enterprise systems that incorporate your special requirements, leave out all the excess capabilities of the more expensive enterprise systems, and retain the excellence of a very well developed accounting system.