By: Fortifi  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Debt

The team at FORTIfi Insurance Ltd is made up of people with expertise in a wide range of financial areas.  These include; ► general personal and small business finance, ► banking, ► debt reduction,  ► mortgages, ► insurances,  ► and rental properties.  Our Resource Centre articles share some of our expertise to enable New Zealanders like you to escape debt and discover financial freedom and security.

The articles on this page give some hints for escaping debt. 

Many New Zealanders feel like they are drowning in debt and fear they will never escape. It is possible to get free of debt but it means setting financial freedom as a priority and making a few sacrifices.These articles contain hints and tips on saving money, etc.  Do just a few of them and you'll make a small difference - do most of them and you will be surprised at the size of the difference they can make.
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Keywords: Debt